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Candid Confessions of Jwoww!

Jenni Farley popularly know as Jwoww is a reality star who is best known for her role in the MTV reality show, Jersey Shore. Jwoww and her fiance, Roger Matthews have been recently blessed with a beautiful daughter named Melaini Alexandra Matthews. Even though Jwoww currently has her hands full with managing her family and work commitments, she still finds time to have fun.

On the professional front, Jwoww's new line of bronzers named the Private Reserve Love of my Life are slated to be available in all leading salons from March 1st. She is also looking forward to the release of her movie The Mint, in which is plays the lead role, to hit the screens soon.

When asked about the rumors regarding her personal life, Jwoww candidly revealed the truth behind the rumors.

Did Jwoww really get a boob job done? Yes! Jwoww recently disclosed that the rumors about her getting a boob job were indeed true! According to the reality star, she always wanted her boobs to look perfect and was not really happy with the way they looked after giving birth to her daughter, Meilani. Jwoww opines that breastfeeding had changed the way her boobs looked and felt so she decided to go under the knife to make them look better. Jwoww had previously got breast augmentation done 10 years back and as she was due to get her implants replaced she got the job done by her boob doctor, Stephen T Greenberg, M.D., to whom she credits the natural soft look of her boobs.

Is Jwoww planning for a second baby? Yes! Jwoww candidly confessed that she would like one more addition to her family even though her daughter Meilani is just 6 months old. Jwoww is of the opinion that Meilani needs a little brother or sister to keep her company. So we might hear about Jwoww's second pregnancy soon enough.

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Jwoww Nude Photos Not to be Released-Yet!

Bummer! A collection of nude photos displaying her huge fake tits and rock hard body will have to stay out of the public eye for now, as a judge has ruled against the release of the pics. Jwoww's ex boyfriend is the owner of the pics, but Jwoww argues they were taken without her consent and while she was under post-surgical anethesia following a surgery in Feb 2010. Jwoww's ex boy toy of course argues the opposite end, claiming that she was well aware the photos were being taken and consented, stay tuned to watch the story unfold. We hope they get released, can't wait to see the guidette's naked body up close!

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Jwoww says NO to Playboy!!

There isn't a god after all! Jwoww has declined Playboy's offer to pose nude for the mag fr 400K!! What was she thinking you may ask?!?!- well, apparantly she declinesout of respect to MTV and also says if she didn't have a contract with them she would have done it. She posted this message on her Twitter "Everybody is so curious on playboy. Its an amazing offer but right now my focus is Jersey Shore and MTV :)".  So our next question is- when is that contract over with? We wanna see JWOWW NUDE!!!

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Jwoww Leaked Nude Photo

The popular Jersey Shore star Jenni Farley (or more commonly known Jwoww) has a nude photo floating around the web.  We can see her nice fake tits and gorgeous curvacious legs - and we're pretty sure Jwoww got her boobs redone and they're even bigger now!  Enjoy the nude photo, hopefully there are more to come!

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